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Josh Cranford
Cross-Cultural Shamanic Healer
Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master


Josh Cranford is a student and practitioner of Cross-Cultural Shamanism and an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master based in Eugene OR. He offers a unique blend of these two ancient life force healing practices of deep personal discovery by helping others to empower themselves with the healing nature of life. His calling is to work in unison with the Helping Beings and unique spirit of individuals of all ages and walks of life to bring balance and harmony into everyday being.

Josh is a student and Master of Usui Reiki which is the direct lineage of Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system. The Holy Fire is a more recent energy of Reiki that has shown to be powerful yet gentle. Holy Fire energy creates wholeness through purification, guidance, healing, and empowerment.

He is also a student and practitioner of Cross-Cultural Shamanism. The methods he uses comes from different cultures of the world, all of which have strikingly similar practices. Shamanism views all dis-ease as an imbalance of emotional and spiritual energy. These practices work in unison with Helping Beings and individual Spirit to ask for guidance to address and heal the root cause of ailments.

Josh has come into these practices through his own deep healing and personal discovery. His strong connection with nature has been with him his entire life. His love for nature, backpacking, and mountain climbing brought him to a study of plants and a professional career in landscaping, nurseries, permaculture and small scale farming of food and medicine. This in turn has led him to Shamanic Healing. Dark times are no stranger to Josh. Now clean for 20+ yrs, Josh struggled with  alcoholism, drug abuse, and PTSD. He has learned that healing is attainable, and only out of the darkness comes the light. These experiences allow Josh to bring understanding, compassion, and grounding to his healing practices. Together we can all get through the darkest of tunnels, overcome the hardest of obstacles, and reach the highest of peaks!


Photo Credit (C.) 2018 Cammra Garza




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