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Over Two Hours of Shamanic Healing


  • A 10-15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions or concerns

  • The healing sessions all include a short diagnostic. The session may include Compassionate De-posession, Curse Unraveling, Power Retrieval, Extraction, Aura Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Healing with Spiritual Light, Sound Healing, or other shamanic methods depending on the individuals needs
  • Any suggestions for the client to do on their own to help integrate the healing work

Reiki Sessions Available

One Hour of Reiki


Compassionate Depossession

Possession or overshadowing can occur when there are weaknesses in our energy field, and another energy, or spirit/being becomes enmeshed in or around it. Spirit Possession is a natural, common, undesirable phenomenon that happens to ordinary people all over the world, all the time. Possession can manifest in many different ways including character shifts, addiction, sudden physical or emotional issues with no clear probable cause among others. Compassionate De-possession is a highly effective method to release the undesirable energy in the least stressful and safest way, not allowing it to return to the person.

Curse Unraveling

Do you sometimes feel that a curse is hanging over you? Do unwanted things seem to just keep happening no matter what you do? Curses can stem from family bloodlines or past lives and manifest in many different ways in your life. The curse is unraveled at its origin point and healing is allowed to flow through the generations or past lives it has effected.

Power Retrieval

A loss of power can manifest as chronic misfortune, chronic illness, chronic depression, or a feeling of being "lost". Power retrieval is a process to connect the client to totem animals and spirit guides that provide power, protection, and support to restore balance in life.

Soul Retrieval

Lost soul essence can manifest as chronic depression, chronic illness, addictive behaviors, a feeling of being disconnected or fragmented, or feeling altered since a certain event happened. The shamanic healer will journey for the client to retrieve a lost soul essence in order to restore the clients energetic matrix to its former non-distorted state.

Spiritual Extraction/Aura Cleansing

When a person experiences trauma or emotional distress, an opening in the life force can allow for misplaced energy to enter. This can manifest as localized pain or illness, personality changes, addictive behaviors, or feeling "blocked". The shamanic healer removes and clears these energies to prepare the client for power or soul retrieval.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki is a highly effective and safe way to treat the entire person, including body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Reiki always creates beneficial results, and has been used to treat virtually every illness and disease. Reiki is administered with the hands either on or over parts of the body which allows for the Reiki energy to flow into and thru the client on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. It works in conjuncture with all medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery and reduce stress. All sessions include this modality of healing.

Long Distance Remote Healing

It is not always necessary to be with the healer for the healing work to be done. In some circumstances a healing can be done for those that cannot be in Eugene OR, or are in facilities that prevent them from being physically present. A long distance healing is done with a phone conversation with the client, followed by the healing work while the client is in a safe place. When the healing work is completed the information or guidance that comes during the session is relayed to the client with a phone call.






Photo Credit (C.) Cammra Garza

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